Current Affairs

Current Affairs

It is a beautiful time in history. On April 7th 2022, the trimphant nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson, as the 116th Supreme Court Justice, and the first African American woman to serve on Supreme Court, was announced. It is a very proud moment in history, this has changed the entirety of American life, rerouted the history of this country, and paved the way for our future generations to thrive. The representation this historical nomination provides is nothing short of incredible; and it gives our community a chance at being seen and heard at the highest levels. Our younger generations can look to her as a role model, and our community now has a voice. In the words of Ketanji Brown Jackson, "we've made it".

City of Longmont

On April 8th 2022, the Equality Center of the Rocky Mountains, also known as Out Boulder, had their grand opening at their new location. OBC stands for equality, connection, advocacy, education research and numerous programs to ensure the LGBTQ+ communities within Boulder have the opportunity and safety to thrive. We had the honor and privilege of attending the grand opening of this incredibly special place, at their brand new location; to celebrate the re-opening of OBC, and to celebrate the triumph of the LGBTQ+ community within Boulder.

ARPA/Recovery Funds

The City of Longmont is receiving $12.9m in ARPA funds. In initial conversations, Council discussed utilizing these one-time funds for necessary areas such as housing, early childhood services, and infrastructure development. To ensure that these funds are used to truly meet the community needs, community members must be involved in not only determining where funds will be spent, but also the ongoing implementation of funding and evaluation of its utilization. We have amazing cultural brokers within Longmont who can be tapped into to help with this process.

We know COVID had disproportionate impacts on certain populations. We can ensure that the recovery serves them first and best as we develop a Longmont where everyone can truly thrive.


I support the continued fracking ban and will ensure we monitor the well closure in and around Longmont.

Housing Affordability

Living in Longmont has never been more expensive. We need real solutions, not just rhetoric. This means looking closely at our codes and policies to find ways to increase inventory and access.

Homes are considered affordable when rent and utilities in an apartment or monthly mortgage payment and housing expenses for a homeowner total less than 30% of a household’s gross monthly income.

  • In 2019, the median household income in Longmont was $74,242. To be affordable at that level, monthly housing expenses would have to be under $1,856.

Housing Rentals

We have a significant gap of rental units available to voucher-holders in Longmont. Because of the rental housing market, landlords are opting out of vouchering programs, leaving fewer and fewer units available. If this continues, Longmont will lose additional voucher eligibility, causing further harm.

  • COL must continue to find ways to incentivize landlords to remain in the program.

  • The inclusionary housing requirement (12%) is a fantastic first step. Closing loopholes and exceptions is critical.


I believe in smart growth and development. Smart development means continuing to assess the myriad impacts of growth on the community; from transportation and infrastructure needs to environmental and quality of life considerations. In order to continue to be a thriving community, growth must occur, but not without bonds or careful assessment.

Renewable Energy

The 2030 plan, adopted by the City of Longmont, is one of the most aggressive shifts to renewable energy of comparable cities. The plan takes into account major infrastructural changes, budgeting needs, and citizen engagement to ensure it can occur successfully. This also helps ensure that equity considerations are not forgotten and the needs of already marginalized residents are upheld.


Transportation issues in Longmont don't just revolve around big, public transit, but also our first and final mile solutions and connecting major arteries. I will work collaboratively on the council and with other communities to bring funding and people centered solutions to Longmont.

We also need to look beyond RTD solutions. In the wake of COVID, our partners at RTD are financially strapped at time when Longmont is asking for additional services.